Outdoor Recreation & Sports


Leilani Lanes- 10201 Greenwood N.
Tel: (206) 783-8010.
Be sure to call ahead and check if it is a league day.
Cost: $3.37/game/adult or $2.87/game/junior
& $2.00 Junior, $3.00 Adult/game shoe rental.
Adaptive equipment available.
Sunset Lanes-NW Market Street in Ballard.
Tel: (206) 782-7310
Call ahead to make sure it is not a league day.
Cost: $2.85/game/adult or $2.60/game junior/senior + $2.50 for shoes
Bumper and ramp available.
Robin Hood Lanes-9801 Edmonds Tel: (425) 776-2101
Cost: $1.00/game/person $1.00 shoe rental/person
No Ramp, but they do have bumpers.