Outdoor Recreation & Sports


Bitterlake Park - Bitter Lake 13035 Linden Ave. N
Tel: (206) 684-7524
Community center with gym and restrooms. Kid's equipment, picnic tables, grassy area by lake with trail and baseball fields.
Bothell Landing Park- 9919 NE 180th St (Bothell)
Historical Museum Information: (425) 486-7430
Contact Bothell Parks & Recreation at (425) 486-7430 for information about community events. Playground, Restrooms, Picnic Tables, Paved Bike Trail, Nature Trail, Off Street Parking
Blyth Park - W. Riverside Drive (Bothell)
Take Main St. through Bothell to 102nd and turn right. Drive past Sammamish River Park until you reach W. Riverside Drive. Turn Right. Road will dead end in the park.
Kid's equipment, paved walking path, picnic tables and restrooms.
Brackett's Landing-Edmonds Waterfront North & South Park
Long paved walkway running from the north end of the ferry terminal, south to the marina along the waterfront. Free Parking is available in the North Park parking lot.
Carkeek Park - 950 NW Carkeek Park Road (off Greenwood Ave)
Large park with nature trails, kid's equipment, picnicking with a view and beach access.
must cross a bridge over railroad tracks. Steep steps to down to the beach.
Cedar Park - 135th St. NE & 37th Ave NE (off Lake City Way)
Paved walking trail, kid's equipment, and picnic tables.
Cromwell Park - N. 179th St. & Meridian Ave.
Small, shady park with gravel walkway, kid's equipment and benches.
Echo Lake - N. 200th St. & Ashworth
Paved and gravel walkways by lake, restrooms.
Foster Island Nature Trail - 2700 24th Ave. E (UW/Montlake Area)
The trail follows the water and there are a couple of long bridges to cross that are low to the water. Safe for all ages, although the ground sometimes gets a bit mushy. The walk begins at the Museum of History and Industry and ends in a grassy meadow. It also connects to the UW Arboretum.
Green Lake Park - 7201 E. Green Lake Dr. N.
Playground, wading pool, boat rental, paved walking trail, pool and grassy area.
Greenwood Park- 87th St. N and Evanston Ave N.
(Between Evanston Ave. & Freemont Ave.)
A new park in Seattle! It just opened in August of 2003 and features paved walking paths, grassy area, playground and benches/tables.
Hamlin Park - 16006 15th Ave. NE
Off-Leash dog walk forested area, baseball field, grassy area with picnic tables and lots of shade, forest trails, kid's equipment, and restrooms. Some steps to picnic area, rough terrain. Concerts in the summer months.
Junior League of Seattle Playground/Picnic Area - 7400 Sand Point Way (Go straight after entering at the Navel Station gate) Playground and plenty of benches for people watching.
Lake Ballinger Park - 23500 Lakeview Dr. (Montlake Terrence) Tel: (425) 776-9173
50 acre park with picnic tables, playground, lake, & softball area.
Lake City Park - 124th and 26th Ave (off Lake City Way)
Paved walking trail, kid's equipment, picnic tables and grassy area.
"Last Open Space in Lake City" - 14043 32nd Avenue NE (off Lake City Way)
Small paved walkway, restrooms, tables and benches. Kid's equipment and grassy area.
Licton Springs Park - N. 97th and Ashworth N.
Paved walkway, tables, kid's equipment and restrooms. Wooded and grassy areas.
Magnuson Park - NE 74th and Sand Point Way NE
Paved way, restrooms, picnic benches and swimming area.
Meadowbrook Nature Trail - 107th & 35th Ave NE (off Lake City Way)
Paved walking trail/bridges encircling a pond and Thorton Creek.
Lupine and other native plants.
Meridian Park - N 170th St. & Wallingford N.
School playground with gravel track for walking.
Northacres Park - 130th & Meridian
Forest trails, swings, wading pools, picnic tables and grills. Restrooms a short walk away.
Northcrest Park - NE 170th St. & 9th Ave NE
Small, shady park with kid's equipment and benches.
Paramount Park - NE 155th St. & 8th Ave. NE
Walking path, baseball fields, skateboard park, enclosed play area for kids, benches and tables, restrooms.
Paramount Park Nature Area- NE 147th & 9th PL NE (on dead end road)
If heading south on 5th Ave, turn left on 147th and follow road straight, then veer to the left at the curve in the road. Park has non-paved trails.
Pinehurst Park -120th and 14th Ave NE (Between Northgate and Lake City Way)
Kid's equipment, grassy area for walking.
Ravenna Park - 5520 Ravenna Ave NE (U-Village area)
Walking trails, play fields, tennis courts and play area.
Ronald Bog - N 175th St. & Meridian Ave.
Grassy area with lake and shaded benches.
Samammish River Park - Off 102nd St. in Bothell
Heading North, drive down Main St. in Bothell and take a right at 102nd St. Park will be a few blocks up on the right hand side. Shady walking area along the river. Lots of ducks, chickens and pigeons. Wooden bridge leads to Bothell Landing park with restrooms & picnic tables.
Sandel Park - 92nd NW & 1st Ave NW
Paved walking trail, benches, picnic tables, restrooms, basketball court and kids equipment.
St. Edward's State Park - 144145 Juanita Dr. NE (Kenmore)
316 acre park with 7 miles of trails through wooded areas, Lake Washington waterfront and plenty of grassy areas.($5.00 parking permit now required-good all day. Fee is waved when disabled placard is displayed.)
Visit: http://www.parks.wa.gov/reserve.asp or call (360) 902-8580 for more information on state parks, parking permits in state parks or ADA act within the state park system.
Twin Ponds Park - 155th N. & 1st Ave. NE
Paved trail, kids equipment, restrooms and grassy area. Pond area with picnic tables. There is also a trail around the pond, however, it is unpaved and uneven. Also, it is necessary to cross a narrow wooden plank bridge to complete the loop.
Victory Heights Park - 107th NE & 19th Ave NE
Small park with tennis courts, kid's equipment, benches and grassy area.
View Ridge Play Field - NE 70th St. and NE 45th PL. (Between Sandpoint U Village)
Paved walkways, restrooms, basketball, playfield, benches, kid's equipment.
Wilcox Park - 52nd Ave W. & Veteran's Way (Lynnwood)
Picnic benches, grassy and wooded areas, some kid's equipment.